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A transformative all-in-one toolkit, now enhanced with a proprietary AI/ML Credit Scoring Engine. This Synergy empowers businesses to craft a diverse rangeof flexible pay-as-you-goand pay-in-installment solutions perfectly aligned with your customer's preferences and requirements including checkout via E-commerce

 BNPL-as-a-service BNPL-as-a-service

Ledgers-as-a-service (Wallets)

Our flexible ledgers infrastructure allows you to create easy-to-deploy wallets-as-a-service tied to your customer's needs and behaviors allowing easy tracking for monetary transactions and balances

Ledgers-as-a-service (Wallets)Ledgers-as-a-service (Wallets)


We enable local and cross-border disbursements and collections seamlessly by leveraging 3rd Party licensed PSP rails


Automated Reconciliation

We reconcile and consolidate various and multiple payment methods and accounts payables and receivables into a single unified dashboard

Automated ReconciliationAutomated Reconciliation

Omni-channel as a Service

Our white label and chat bot as a service enables you to go to market in a few days to your target audience and is customizable to your branding.

Omni-channel as a ServiceOmni-channel as a Service

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